Reverse Bungee Hire

Reverse bungee hire is here to give your event that something special to make it standout from the rest.

The reverse bungee will most probably be the ride of your life. This hair-raising reverse bungee attraction comprises two telescopic columns reaching 32 metres (105ft) into the sky and when catapulted into the air you reach a height of 45 metres (150ft).

The reverse bungee will do 0 – 60mph in 1 second and you experience 4.8G and after a series of bounces, somersaults and spins, the capsule is lowered back down to the ground and secured safely in place.

Passengers take their places in the twin-seat sphere-shaped capsule, which is connected to the columns via two elastic ropes. The capsule is held in place with the use of a giant electro-magnet as the ropes are tightened on each side.

It’s extreme, it’s insane, it’s unforgettable. You can even relive the experience on video/DVD!

This ride is also called by other names such as slingshot ride, catapult ride and bungee ball jump.

Reverse Bungee Stats

Height (structural): 32 metres/105ft.
Max height (in use): 45 metres/150ft.
Width: 22.5 metres.
Depth: 8 metres.
Weight: 27 tonnes.
Capacity: 2 persons per ride 30 rides per hour.
Transport: 1 semi-trailer.

Why Us

We are professional and reliable.

We can go to any event in the UK.

We have years of experience in the business.

We have army track ways to get on and of fields so we do not make a mark.

We always put safety first.

All staff are trained to a high standard and uniformed.

We supply our own speaker system if needed.

Reverse bungee hire

Reverse bungee jump hire

Reverse bungee

Reverse bungee


Reverse Bungee Hire

If you are not sure what a Reverse Bungee is please see video below.


If you are looking for other rides as well as the reverse bungee we can help as we work with other companies that hire high quality affordable rides.
If you choose us to book your other rides you know you are getting the best for your money as we know all the best companies in the business.
So if you are interested in booking the reverse bungee or others please contact us.

Reverse bungee Hire